In the United States, nearly 1 in 5,000 workers are killed on the job annually. On average, there are 13 deaths each and every day.

There are nearly 100,000 OSHA inspections annually, which amount to well over 200,000 citations. With legislation taking effect in 2016 that increased maximum penalties for violations by 78%, companies are feeling the punitive effect of workplace safety programs that fail to meet established regulatory demands and, more importantly, fail to protect their employees from harm.

Focus Management approach initially is to understand your organization’s pain points: claims, violations, culture, etc. By analyzing past losses, conducting assessments of existing operations and facilities, and interviewing stakeholders, Focus Management will provide you with a clear picture of your risk and exposure.

This will provide the framework for a vigorous action plan designed to immediately impact your company’s bottom line. From education and training programs to safety systems to regulatory compliance initiatives, your Focus Management professional will work with you to provide a time- and budget-sensitive solution package designed to mitigate existing losses, reduce incidents moving forward, and provide both employees and management with peace of mind when it comes to workplace safety.