At Focus Management, our team of OSHA authorized trainers not only have a deep understanding of OSHA regulations but a passion for training companies on how those regulations apply to their businesses. That is why you will find Focus Management conducting training classes nearly every week of the year and in locations across the United States. Beyond the classroom, Focus Management assists companies with their continued OSHA compliance posture. Through training and education, ongoing compliance services, and onsite assessments, Focus Management supports its clients in developing and maintaining a safe working environment for its employees.

Training & Education

Focus Management can be found conducting training classes at industry workshops, national workplace safety conferences, and via webinars throughout the year. Thousands attend our classes annually, and Focus Management conducts onsite training in classrooms, on factory floors, at worksites – wherever our clients need us. Whether through regional partnerships or onsite locally, you can trust the Focus Management will be there to support your company’s training needs.

  • OSHA 10- & 30-Hour General Industry & Construction Seminars
  • Advanced Topic OSHA Specific (1910, 1926)
  • Topic Specific

OSHA Compliance Services

Beyond the classroom, Focus Management assists its clients with their ongoing compliance with OSHA regulations as well as their overall safety culture and posture. By visiting company facilities, Focus Management presents its clients with actionable intelligence from which it can build both enterprise and site-specific action plans related to environmental health and safety concerns.

Mock OSHA Inspections
Focus Management visits local facilities to conduct a simulated OSHA inspection, including training for management on what to expect during an OSHA inspection. Companies receive a list of findings, evidence related to those findings, and an action plan for correcting any deficiencies cited.

Audit Development & Execution
By utilizing industry-specific best practices and regulations, as well as a company’s own policies and standard operating procedures, Focus Management will develop audits designed to measure a company’s compliance related to operational safety. Additionally, Focus can deploy resources across the enterprise in an ongoing effort to sustain a company’s audit program.

Strategic Relationship Services
Should a client receive an OSHA citation, Focus Management provides its clients with peace of mind by working with them to not only understand the penalty but to correct the issues at hand and mitigate any fines associated with the findings.

Safety Publications

No safety program is complete without a reliable way to communicate loss control strategies to the entire organization. Focus Management Associates' safety newsletter and safety bulletin services offer those with safety responsibilities the opportunity to carry their message to all employees. Our content is focused on enhancing an organization’s safety culture through timely safety news published in newsletters, or in safety bulletins -- all in .pdf format which you may easily distribute via e-mail. These newsletters and bulletins are written based on a policy holder’s specific losses or their insurance program losses, which helps employees understand their roles in the organization’s safety culture, as well as how they can help minimize risk in their daily lives. For more information, please use our Contact Us page to ensure a timely response to your request.


At the foundation of any relationship is the ability to thoroughly assess a company’s operations, facilities, policies, and procedures. Additionally, Focus Management will conduct a Loss History Analysis in order to understand the common occurrences and frequency of past incidents and claims.

Focus Management will assess companies at both the enterprise- and site-level in order to build an all-encompassing action plan that includes training & education, ongoing audit & compliance support, and a continued strategic partnership to support management in reaching its organizational goals.

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